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I am looking for at least two Evangelists to travel the country to represent Amazing Grace Publishing.
Their duties would be to raise support for themselves as well as monthly support for Amazing Grace Publishing.
I want them to help churches with their soul winning efforts and to show churches our extensive discipleship program and our Bible Study Books.

If you are interested in this most needed work, I ask you to call Pastor Jimmy James a call at 817-426-1828

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We are looking for a mature christian man who would like to go to conferences and revivals and setting up tables and a display to sell our Books. It would be great if this person was retired and wanted to make some extra cash as he travels the country to spread the word.

call at 817-426-1828


Amazing Grace Publishing needs volunteers to help with several aspects of our non-profit ministry.

1. Editors---We are looking for interested parties that have an excellent background in English grammar and have an extensive knowledge of the Bible to edit Bible Study material.

2. Translators---We are looking for people who are fluent in foreign languages (written) and have a burden to see the Gospel spread across the world. We need to have our Bible Study material translated into as many languages as possible. You need to be very concise in the context and the intent of the books. We have a sincere burden wanting Godís people to be discipled.

3. Illustrators---a. We are looking for Christians who love to draw and want to see their work used in the work of the Lord. Serious illustrators only please! b. We also need illustrators for Christian childrenís books.